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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


Hide details for Smart UpgradeSmart Upgrade
JSTI92RFHC Fixes Smart Upgrade issue where Smart Upgrade fails with "dwExitCode 740 The requested operation requires elevation". This issue occurred on...
Hide details for UIUI
SSIS8T8PK9Fixes issues rendering iNotes in IE10 when using quirks mode versus IE5 quirks mode
Hide details for UIMUIM
SJWG923C3HFixes intermitent Client crash if do Tools -> Send As Email from the embedded Sametime client.
Hide details for ViewersViewers
WBJZ9558XAFixed Keyview buffer overflow.
Hide details for Web ServerWeb Server
DSTT8P4SCWFixes a web server crash caused by accessing memory that had been freed.
OFFI8KKQUNFixes an HTTP crash when searching the port's address mapping list to find a mapping entry.
Hide details for XMLXML
JSHN8SBSVWFixed an issue where certain design notes can cause a server crash when exported as Dxl. The crash only occurs on 64-bit Domino running on 64-bit...
Hide details for XPagesXPages
FSHS8X8KCVFixes issue with partial refresh of tabs on a tabbed panel. This is a regression introduced in 8.5.3
RGAU8NDGT9Fixes issue where when the view data source dipslay was based on reader fields, no documents were displayed from a view data source if the...
PHAN8XZLAYFixes an issue where session scope values were not maintained even though the keepSessionAlive control is used.
MNAA8ZE92WFixes issue with file size not being adjusted if an image inserted into and xPage, was deleted. This occurred becuase the CKEditor failed to remove...
VNTR8Y3AFGIn 9.0 a new property 'xsp.repeat.parseSingleStringAsInt' has been introduced to allow users to revert to the old pre-8.5.3 behaviour of displaying a...
SODY8RGHCSFixed an issue with using multiple Rich Text or File Upload controls on one XPage which would cause the XPage to fail when submitted or saved,...
Hide details for  8.5.3 FP3 8.5.3 FP3
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
JCOL8PGT54 Fixes Domino Server crash on AdminpRenameInCalendarEntries call while processing an Adminp request.
DBRK7F5H9N Fixes issue where users are locked out of their local archive after the user's common name is renamed.
DVDI8GGCFCFixes issue where Admin Client fails to show databases within directory links when the fix for for SPR# CTOI7TGHMY is applied and...
CSCT8SFG3CFixes a situation where the error: "Someone else modified this document at the same time" is displayed during user registration. This is a...
JFRA8TQHSFFixes the error: "Problem with signature on policy document or one of the policy setting documents it specifies: Document is not signed seen in the...
RSSA8Q9QQNThis fix introduces a new Notes.ini that can be pushed out via policy to ensure replication and syncing of contacts from local address book to mail...
TKAA8SM3ZEFixes issue where Adminp rename/delete requests fail when user name contains certain special characters (including Japanese...


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